Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pittsburgh BRT: Flawed Public Process of Proposed Public Transit Project

By Glenn A. Walsh
Reporting for TransportWatchtower

On Wednesday Afternoon, 2017 April 5 at Alumni Hall on the University of Pittsburgh campus in Oakland, the Port Authority of Allegheny County (PAT) and the City of Pittsburgh sponsored two sessions of a public meeting, explaining the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project between Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland. After showing a Power-Point presentation about the proposed project, attendees were asked to go to several break-out stations to express their preference for one of four routing options offered.

There was no opportunity for the public to make general comments on the proposed project before the entire assembly, as would occur during a normal public hearing. Several people had wanted to speak to the assembly in response to the presentation, but the County Executive who moderated the meeting insisted they go to the break-out stations. In fact, one city resident had even prepared a written statement (which he was not able to deliver before the group) with photocopies to distribute to PAT and city officials, as well as to interested members of the public!

The following Internet link leads to a Letter-to-the-Editor from long-time public transit advocate Glenn A. Walsh, which was published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Saturday Morning, 2017 April 8. In this Letter-to-the-Editor, Mr. Walsh suggests that the PAT Board of Directors should sponsor a general public hearing on this proposed public transit project, before this public process goes any further ---

Internet Links to Additional Information ---

Internet Link to Letter-to-the-Editor on the web site:
Walsh, Glenn A. “The public process for bus rapid transit is flawed”
("BRT process flawed."). Letter-to-the-Editor.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2017 April 8.
Link >>>

Walsh, Glenn A. "Public Comments: Proposed Pittsburgh Bus Rapid Transit Project." Blog-Post.
SpaceWatchtower 2015 June 15.
Public comments submitted to the Principal Transportation Planner of the City of Pittsburgh, as directed in the Scoping Booklet for the National Environmental Policy Act Review for the Downtown - Uptown - Oakland - East End Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Study.
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"Pittsburgh BRT: Testimony Before PAT Board Regarding Need for Public Hearing on Proposed Project." 2017 May 5.

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Source: Glenn A. Walsh, 39- year public transit advocate and a Charter Member of the Port
             Authority of Allegheny County's citizens advisory committee (member of Allegheny
             County Transit Council: 1984 to 1989).
             2017 April 9

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